Monday, September 26, 2011

Assad Fears Israel and Turkey Will Occupy Syria, Plans to Launch 5,000 Missiles/hour On Israel if Attacked by NATO: Source

John Batchelor Travelled with colleague Aaron Klein, WABC, to Golan Heights last week to meet with Syrian source who lives in the borderland between Syria and Occupied Syria and Lebanon and Israel. Speaks of the Bashar Assad regime standing bloody-minded firm against the protesters in the Sunni cities of Homs and Homa.

When asked what Assad will do if Erdogan's Turkey leads a NATO rescue in the spring, we are told that Assad will launch four to five thousand rockets per hour against Israel.

 The Assad aim is to close down Ben Gurion airport and cut off Israel from the world.

The Assad belief is that Israel and Turkey will occupy Syria. The Assad belief is that by wrecking Israel, he will force the US to intervene for armistice.

  Is this all credible? Yes.

 Consider the video above, a horror that demands the UN and NATO to intervene. Will Turkey lead the mission? Yes, with the caveats that the Cyprus tangle slows Turkey, and so does the Kurdish PKK threat. It is Turkey vs. Iran for regional hegemony. Damascus, bloody Damascus, darkness visible.

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