Thursday, September 22, 2011

China military blasts U.S. arms sales to Taiwan

(Reuters) - China's military on Thursday voiced its "utmost indignation" about U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, warning that the Obama administration's latest sales plan would seriously impede Sino-U.S. military exchanges.

"The Chinese military expresses its utmost indignation and strong condemnation of this action that grave interferes in China's domestic affairs and damages China's sovereignty and national security interests," the spokesman for China's Ministry of Defence, Senior Colonel Geng Yansheng, said, according to the ministry's website (

The Ministry's statement said the U.S. offer of weapons sales to Taiwan, which Beijing deems an illegitimate breakaway, would "create serious obstacles to the development of ordinary exchanges between our two militaries."

China's Foreign Ministry has already lambasted the Obama administration for telling the U.S. Congress on Wednesday that it plans a $5.3 billion upgrade of Taiwan's F-16 fighter fleet, and Beijing warned that the step would damage Sino-American military and security links

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