Sunday, September 11, 2011

Delta board asked to back out of Shariah deal

A Washington attorney is asking members of the board of directors for Delta Air Lines to take their company out of an alliance of international carriers when Saudi Arabian Airlines joins in 2012 because of the anti-Christian, anti-Jew discrimination the government-owned operation practices.

The dispute over Delta's working arrangement with Saudi Arabian Airlines has been in the news for weeks, since Washington attorney at law Jeffery A. Lovitky discovered that under the SkyTeam alliance arrangement, Delta would be imposing the discrimination demanded by Saudi Arabia's Islamic law, Shariah, on passengers in New York and Washington who might board airplanes bound for the desert kingdom.

Delta has defended itself, saying its arrangements are no different than other airlines, and it is required to observe the restrictions imposed by the nation to which its flights may travel.

Lovitky previously has asked the New York Port Authority, which runs JFK airport, as well as the U.S. Department of Transportation, to look into possible violations of U.S. law because of the discrimination that may be imposed on travelers.

He now has informed WND of letters he has dispatched to members of the Delta board.

"This letter is being sent to you in your capacity as a member of the board of directors of Delta Airlines," he wrote. "The purpose of this letter is to request that Delta terminate its participation in the SkyTeam alliance, upon the admission of Saudi Arabian Airlines in 2012."

He said Saudi Arabian airlines "is not an appropriate business partner" for Delta. "It is owned by a government which practices apartheid against women, and which is hostile to religious minorities."

Further, there's no "compelling" interests for the two companies to work together.

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