Monday, September 12, 2011

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: The Attack on Israeli Embassy – A Legitimate Act of Protest

Article on Muslim Brotherhood Website: If It Weren't for the American Intervention, Egypt Could Have Taught Israel a Lesson in Morality

Egyptian intellectual Dr. Hilmi Muhammad Al-Qa'oud wrote on the Muslim Brotherhood website: "Thankfully, the Egyptian people tore down the cement separation barrier [that kept] the public away from the building that houses the embassy of the murderous Nazi Jewish invaders, and the Zionist flag was once again taken down and burned... [That] new barrier [erected] in the heart of Cairo reveals many things.

"The speed with which the barrier went up reflects contempt for the [spilled] Egyptian blood, and [shows] how cheap it is [considered], compared with the blood of the Jewish invaders in occupied Palestine. The Jewish Nazi military apparatus has waged several wars on the Gaza Strip, killing over 1,500 Palestinians, wounding over 5,000 men, women and children, and destroying hundreds of homes, schools, mosques and [other] institutions – all for the sake of one single Jewish Nazi soldier called Gilad Shalit, captured by the Palestinian jihad fighters in one of their operations against the Jewish Nazi occupier.

"The handling [of the incident] on the border in which five soldiers were killed... which was premeditated and preplanned [by Israel], shows that the policy of the previous era, [namely] the policy of swallowing the humiliations dished out by the Jewish Nazis, still continues and is impossible to change [even] after the January revolution. [This is evident from the fact that,] in the evening [following the incident], the government announced it would recall the Egyptian ambassador [from Tel Aviv], and the next morning it denied this. [So] instead of being expelled, the Nazi Jewish ambassador spoke boldly and insolently, saying that he would not leave Cairo but stay there, in defiance of the Egyptians...

"When the Jewish Nazi [defense] minister Ehud Barak expressed sorrow about his country's 'killing' – rather than 'murder' – of the Egyptian soldiers, some of the regime's mouthpieces spread [the false claim] that the Jewish Nazi invaders had [actually] apologized for their crime against Egypt and its sons. This [claim] is surprising considering that this minister [Barak] had declared, with his customary insolence, that his occupying entity [i.e., Israel] would not apologize to anyone.

"The Egyptians' [decision to] stand up and set out towards the enemy's embassy, in order to protest the abandonment of the Egyptian border and the murder of Egyptian soldiers, was a natural response that embarrassed the enemy. This situation could have been used to force the Jewish murderers to apologize. [It could have been used] to teach them [a lesson] in morality in front of the world, and to amend the submissive agreement signed at Camp David in a way that would protect our soldiers and our border, stop the Nazi Jewish rampaging in Rafah and its environs, and give the Egyptian people a voice and a presence in confronting these murderers and their constant cheap bargaining. Unfortunately, following the American intervention, the Egyptian authorities discarded this trump card, [exchanging it] for promises that will never be kept...

"When the invading Jewish Nazis announced they would not apologize to the Egyptian people or to anyone else, the Turks launched crucial diplomatic measures aimed at humiliating the murderous Jewish invaders [and pushing their noses] in the dirt. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced the expelling of the Jewish Nazi ambassador from Ankara and the freezing of [all] military agreements with the Jewish Nazi invaders. Turkish President 'Abdallah Ghul announced that the relations between Turkey and the Jewish Nazi invaders would not return to what they were until the invaders apologized for killing the nine Turks [on the Mavi Marmara], compensated their families and the families of the wounded, and lifted the criminal siege on the Gaza Strip.

"The Egyptian regime did not adopt this progressive Turkish position, preferring instead to continue the policy of the regime that has passed from the world [i.e., the Mubarak regime], which the invading Jews had regarded as a strategic asset. Moreover, some voices repeated the same old mantra: Do you want us to enter into a war unprepared?... [But] a political confrontation does not mean war. Egypt holds important trump cards that will force the murderous Jewish invaders to cave in and give Egypt what it wants [even] without war.

"The Jewish Nazi invaders know full well that it is they who benefit from the economic, trade, agricultural, and political ties with Egypt, and that should Egypt freeze these ties, partially or fully, it is they who stand to lose the most. But our top leaders ignored all this and remained as silent as corpses, and the martyrs' blood was spilled in vain... Whatever the situation, the Egyptian people always has the ability to fix it so as to protect its honor and its existence, as it did on September 9, 2011..."[10]

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