Sunday, September 18, 2011

Former NYC mayor, Ed Koch, Vows to Hold Obama Accountable

Koch writes in the Daily News that, "if he announces, for example, that an attack by Turkey [which is heading toward war with Israel] or an attack by Egypt [which allowed the mob to occupy the Israeli embassy and threaten Israeli diplomats] would be seen as an attack upon the United States —I'd be happy to support him and even campaign in Florida on his behalf in 2012."

But Obama appears unlikely to reposition the United States close to Israel.

Koch said he and other Jews are disturbed by Obama's "special efforts to solicit support in the Muslim world seemed to me to indicate a change in the relationship with Israel that had existed since 1948, beginning with President Harry Truman and continuing to and including President George W. Bush. That relationship with Israel had always been referred to as special, and, rightly or wrongly, supporters of Israel had the feeling he was distancing himself from it. We were astounded that he has never visited Israel on his several trips to the Mideast."

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