Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you prepared to defend Israel in the battle on campus?

Hasbara Fellowships
10-Step September Emergency Mobilization Guide

This month, the Palestinian Authority will be bringing the issue of Palestinian statehood to a vote at the United Nations. Instead of recognizing and negotiating with Israel for a two-state solution, the PA is attempting to isolate Israel and increase regional tensions. Are you prepared to defend Israel in the battle on campus?

Here is a quick strategy and resources for mobilizing:

1. Know the facts.
· Remember the basic points: Israelis want peace, and have made sacrifices for peace. But Israelis do not currently have a partner for peace in the Palestinian leadership, which rejects negotiations, does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and encourages incitement against the Jewish people.  
· The United States and Israel stand together on this issue.     
· Sign up for the Hasbara Fellowships newsletter to receive the latest talking points,  
news, and exclusive briefings. Learn more about Israel and the conflict via "Issues In-Depth" or "Israel Inside/Out." 
2. Table on campus.
· Set up a table in a high-traffic area on campus.  
· Use Hasbara Fellowships' newest campaign,"Friend Request Pending..." to engage students and campus communities, demonstrating that a lasting solution requires   
cooperation. Using a Facebook theme, this campaign explains that Israel has tried to   
make 'friends' with its neighbors, but the friendship has rarely been reciprocated.
· HF has many other posters and cards available, on topics including Hamas terror and
the situation in Sderot, the threat of a nuclear Iran, and human rights and equality in
Israel. Use our innovative campaigns and materials to engage students about the real path to peace in the Middle East.  
· More tips for tabling.
3. Hold a rally or demonstration.
· Hold a rally or campus march for peace in the Middle East. Make sure to emphasize   
that cooperation is the only solution for real peace. Make posters and materials to   
hand out. Mobilize your pro-Israel group, Jewish community and coalition partners to   
attend. Hold your event in a public space on campus, and invite campus media to   
cover it. Contact your HF staff for help.
· Good resources for signs include Hasbara Fellowships' handouts and fact cards,   
StandWithUS posters and booklets, and BlueStarPR posters about peace and coexistence.
· More ideas for rallying and tabling here.
4. Write to your paper.
· Write an op-ed or a letter in your student newspaper. Enter the op-ed ultimate challenge for cash prizes and recognition.
· Tips for writing letters or op-eds.
5. Spread the word.
· Maximize the power of social media to get your message out. Spread online petitions 
via Facebook and Twitter, and post videos for YouTube.  
6. Recruit.
· Use the opportunity to mobilize those who support Israel, but may not yet be active.   
Recruit new people to the pro-Israel movement, and give them opportunities to learn   
more and get involved. 
7. Update partners and build coalitions.
· Building coalitions on campus is one of the best ways to create a large and diverse   
network of pro-Israel friends on campus. Now is a crucial time to reach out to   
coalition partners to educate them on the situation, assure them of the reasons to  support Israel, and ask them to sign a statement of support for US and Israeli positions.
· Have a new group you want to partner with? Check out our Milstein coalition building initiative.  
· More tips for building and maintaining coalitions.
8. Get plugged in.

· Would you like to be plugged into the network of Israel activists on your campus?  
Contact your Hasbara Fellowships staff to find out about events or initiatives already  
happening on your campus, or check out our calendar.


9. Additional resource available on our website

· More ways to take action, including ideas for creative displays and expert speakers.
10. External links and resources.· The Israel Project: receive up-to-the minute talking points and news updates· Real Partners. Real Peace.· Additional web sites and articles of interest here.  

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