Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Physical Gold!! See How The Banks Manipulate The Charts.

from noblenomads

There’s a very strong technique that scares off novice investors and traders like crazy. It involves a brief kick at the bottom of a decline in price that extends a little bit past where it leveled out. That can trigger stop-loss orders and just terrify green traders into liquidating what could’ve been profitable positions. The application in the video is geared toward equities, but can be seen just as readily in currencies, especially gold and silver.

First, watch the video – yes, it’s serious despite the title:

Keep in mind that the method can be executed at any time-frame, although the longer the span, the more firepower is necessary to make it happen. Now take a look at this chart:
Gold Price Chart September 22, 2011

The main difference is the scale – more money being thrown at gold is causing that. It’s a guarantee that the circled moves knocked plenty of amateurs out of home-run trades. Don’t be fooled by the professional fraudsters. Better yet, don’t go for paper financial instruments – get physical gold!

- Sy Nejem

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