Monday, September 12, 2011

The Growing Potential of Chinese World Domination

There are lots of languages in the world that it might be a good idea to learn. Here in Texas (actually in most of the southwest and California), it is a good idea to learn Spanish. In the last decade, it looked like it might be wise to learn Arabic. However, now it looks like Chinese is the best bet, since China seems to be on a determined path to world domination and there is little that we are doing to hamper that effort.

In fact, the current administration is enabling this potential in many ways: by supplying the Chinese with funds needed, through interest payments on our Chinese loans; by further increasing our debt limit and borrowing; by attempting to regulate our fossil fuel industry out of existence; and by supporting the transfer of our technology to the Chinese Communists.

This is a critical issue for the United States and for all freedom-loving people in the world. If this, or something close, is China's plan, and the U.S. continues its downward spiral, within the next few decades the world will be under the total domination of a communist government and individual political and personal freedom will become a distant memory.

Understand the key elements of a potential plan for Chinese world domination:here:

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