Monday, September 12, 2011

Iran's Video Guide To Good Sex

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Authorities in Iran have approved a sex education DVD that covers everything from foreplay to premature ejaculation.

What do you get when you combine video shots of sperm, dancing flowers, and the soundtrack to "2001: A Space Odyssey"?

Answer: the opening sequence to one of the best-selling DVDs on the streets of Tehran, of course.

Iran's government recently approved the release of a new video, "Beloved Companion", an instructional film that offers fairly detailed, explicit sexual advice for both men and women.

Talking openly about sex in the conservative Islamic Republic is taboo, and can even lead to arrest by the country's notorious morality police.

"Beloved Companion" covers a surprising range of topics, such as foreplay, the use of cologne to attract a partner, and the importance of keeping your body clean before sex.

One doctor interviewed in the film, Saeed Momtazi, warns that, "Cigarettes, shisha, opium, alcohol and other illegal drugs can affect your sexual activity," reported CNN.

Dr. Mohammad Majd, a psychiatrist at the University of Tehran, narrates the majority of "Beloved Companion". The following are only a few of the many sex tips offered by Majd in the video, as translated by the Tehran Bureau at WGBH.

On the use of foreplay for men:
"Use your tongue to touch her. In particular, listen guys, the skin behind the ears, around the ears, neck, and chin are the most sensitive in a woman."

How to begin the act of sex:
"After the preparatory steps, the intercourse begins with the two facing each other. Do not move [for a few seconds]. Only the sexual organs of the two should face each other."

How to tell if a woman has had an orgasm:
"Try to lift your woman after sex, and you can see that she feels heavier. This is a good sign, indicating that she has been satisfied."

Possible cures for premature ejaculation:
"We recommend more frequent intercourse, for example, twice a night, or four times a night. When the number of intercourse increases, the man takes longer to have orgasm."

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