Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Israel Really That Alone?

...but in painting his picture of Israel's present diplomatic status, Friedman neglects to mention the other side of the globe. In fact, in many cases, Israel's current diplomatic ties to a number of very powerful and important democracies has literally never been better.

Israel and India are currently working towards a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with which would not only result in a significant boost to the economic ties between the two counties, but would also signal a major diplomatic upgrade between Israel and the world's largest democracy.

South Korea is another important diplomatic ally with whom Israeli relations are on the rise. Earlier this year, an eleven-member parliamentary delegation from the Asian democracy visited Jerusalem in an effort to intensify the South Korea-Israel relationship "in all areas, particularly with regard to issues of security and peace, but also in the spheres of renewable energy, science and technology and bilateral trade," according to The Jerusalem Post. The Post characterized the delegation as "effusive" in their express desire to further ties with the Jewish state.

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