Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Israeli Reality

The My Israel website appears to be a fascinating project aimed at showing Israel's beauty to the world: Some 600 high-quality photos stitched together and incorporated into a website allowing users to tour the picture and choose different parts of the country to focus on.

Fascinating –until one starts reading what it's about. When entering the site, users receive a navigation message warning them not to click on the green button. Naturally, everyone clicks on the green button.

If you're wondering what happens once this is done, we won't keep you in suspense: The website's blue color turns into green and the name "My Israel" is replaced with "My Palestine".

A cheap, simple and effective trick. The website's creators have reached their goal –intimidation.

The projects' creators did not just settle for a picture in their quest to make their point completely clear.

Along with the change of name and color, a navigation button can also be found on the screen, and clicking on different areas in the picture will significantly enlarge them. Thus, you can see a plane taking off from Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv's Azrieli Towers and vehicles driving on Highway 6.

On the right-hand side of the screen there is a menu presenting the types of missiles possessed by potential enemies, which are capable of reaching the target you are watching.
- ynet

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