Thursday, September 15, 2011

Muslims and Dogs

Right Side News

Mohammed, in addition to his affinity for pre-teen girls also had a compulsive hatred of dogs. Some Hadiths quote him ordering the killing of all dogs, others show him to be moderate ordering that only "'black dogs" be killed. Which gives a special edge to the not uncommon description in the Muslim world of Obama as a "black dog".

After Osama bin Laden's execution, an imam of the Al-Aqsa mosque castigated the "Western dogs" who had done it. And as it turned out a dog actually did accompany the SEAL team that took down Osama. Unlike the billions spent on trying to win over Pakistanis and Afghans, who went on aiding terrorists anyway--the dogs remained true and loyal friends.


It is not the dogs alone who are treated this way in Afghanistan or the rest of the Muslim world. Casual mutilation and killing are suffered by women who have acid thrown in their faces, whose noses are cut off and whose murders often go unpunished. The same could be said of Jews, until the majority of the Jewish populations of the Muslim world fled to Israel, America and Europe--only to be followed there by the same warped culture of cruelty which says that Allah listens to the prayers of murderers and rapists--but not of dog owners.

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