Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Lawsuit Reveals Iran-Al Qaida-Sudan Connection in 9/11 Attack

According to the lawsuit, the relationship between Iran and al-Qaeda was initiated in the early 1990s in Sudan. At the time, Sudan turned into the world's second state, after Iran, to be ruled by radical Islam.

According to the testimonies of senior CIA officials, Iran's President Rafsanjani, Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian and Revolutionary Guards Chief Mohsen Rezai visited Sudan. They were accompanied by a figure well-known to Israel's intelligence services: Imad Mugniyah, the head of Hezbollah's military wing (Mugniyah was assassinated in February of 2008 in an operation attributed to Israel.) All participants in the meeting pledged to assist the Sudanese regime and join forces with it in supporting other jihadist movements in the Middle East.

When it turned out that Sudan was emerging as a new terrorism theater, Israel's intelligence agencies started to deploy human and electronic resources there. The file on developments in Sudan until 1996 is known in Israel as "Blue Smurfs" and contains a treasure trove of information about the seed that later became Globalihad.

When Saracini's attorneys sought the Israeli government's assistance in receiving the Blue Smurfs file, they were told the information was acquired in cooperation with a foreign party, and that this information can only be shared with this party's approval. Such authorization has not been given to this day. What we are allowed to reveal here is that Israel's intelligence officials identified at the time tight relations between radical Islamic terrorists in Egypt and Department 15 in Iran's Intelligence Ministry. Notably, Department 15 is tasked with exporting the Islamic revolution to other Arab states.ynet

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