Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pakistan General Suggests He is Allied With U.S. to Thwart Jews' Advancement

In the address, General Musharraf also stated that it was not an act of cowardice to support the international community in the war against the Taliban. Arguing in favor of pragmatic wisdom in making his decision, Gen. Musharraf pointed out that Prophet Muhammad himself had signed a no-war peace pact with his enemies in Mecca –known as the Hudaybiyya agreement[1] –in order to thwart anti-Muslim conspiracies on the part of the Jews.


...when the Jews saw that Islam was getting stronger, they started to conspire against the Muslims. When the Prophet (PBUH) [i.e. peace be upon him] saw this happening, he signed a no-war pact [Hudaybiyya agreement] with his enemies in Mecca. I want to remind you of that pact. At the end of the pact, where his signature was required, the Meccans demanded that he cannot sign it as 'Prophet Mohammad.' The Prophet (PBUH) agreed.

"The Prophet explained later that it's best for Islam, and it's the right thing to do. And time proved him right. Six months later, there was a war with the Jews, and the Meccans did not support the Jews, and the Muslim forces won. And some time after that Mecca also fell to Islamic mujahideen."

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