Monday, September 26, 2011

Russia, for the first time, blames US and Israel for Stuxnet worm

Russia has for the first time laid the blame for the Stuxnet worm at the door of the US and Israel, describing it as "the only proven case of actual cyber-warfare."


The timing of the comments will be seen as significant in a week when Iran said it had asked Russia to help it build a second nuclear facility to complement the Bushehr plant that has caused so much tension with the West. The US suspects Iran of wanting enrichment technology in order to become a nuclear state.


"Experts believe that traces of this lead back to the actions of Israel and the United States," he said. "We are seeing attempts of cyberspace being used by some states to act against others [and] of it being used for political-military purposes," he added.
After branding Stuxnet as an act of cyberwarfare, Rogachyov continued. "The only case in which experts believe the actions of states have been proven in this area [...] is the Stuxnet system that was launched in 2010 against the centrifuge control system used to enrich uranium in Iran."

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