Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaddafi May Have Died For Gold

This interesting article by RT suggests that NATO forces toppled Gaddafi because he wanted to trade oil for gold - a currency the west doesn't have enough of - so he was a problem that had to dealt with.


  1. Saddam Hussein repeatedly tried breaking the US dollar hegemony. Gaddafi advocated a shift away from USD as reserve currency. It has become apparent that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was advocating the IMF reduce its dependency on US resources.

    The US military is in the Middle East not so much for oil as to ensure the US dollar remains the main currency that global commerce relies upon for transactions. This way, the US can continue to obtain oil for ever-cheapening dollars: i.e. getting something for nothing. Should that system fail, the US would incur debt in multiples of current levels and lose access to its most critical source of power almost overnight.

    As the saying goes: it works until it doesn't.

    For further information from FOFOA, et al.:

    It's the Flow, Stupid
    Flow Addendum

  2. Funny. Or not so funny, considering the reasons and extent of collateral damage.

    Multi-Billionaire Salinas - Gaddafi Killed Over Gold Currency


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