Monday, October 10, 2011

Israel to Allow more Egyptian Soldiers into Sinai


Israel is allowing Egypt to deploy more armed forces in the Sinai desert, while at the same time telling its citizens to stay away.

The measures, announced Monday, reflect growing Israeli concern over potential attacks from Sinai. In August, militants infiltrated across the border and killed eight Israelis.

Israel withdrew from Sinai under its 1979 peace deal with Egypt. Under the accord, Sinai was mostly demilitarized, and only a few hundred Egyptian policemen were permitted there.

Since the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February, Israel has been allowing more Egyptian troops into Sinai to counter extremist Muslims, as well as Palestinian militants crossing from Gaza.


Apparently, this is a result of the talks between Israel and Egypt:

 Ma'an News, Oct 9, 2011 - Israeli officials arrived in Cairo on Sunday to discuss security arrangements, Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper said.

The delegation, which included a top defense official, came by private jet for talks on cooperation at the Israel-Egypt border and developments in Israeli-Palestinians relations, the report said.

The officials were not identified, as they did not pass through the terminal, the paper quoted Cairo airport officials saying.

Relations between Egypt and Israel frayed in recent months, after Israeli forces shot dead five Egyptian forces in the country's Sinai region while pursuing attackers who killed eight Israelis in the country's south in August

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