Friday, October 7, 2011

People in Aceh are waking up to the dangers of Sharia Law

Background: Based on the autonomous status of Aceh province, the Aceh provincial parliament has passed a new sharia law, legalising many human rights violations, including corporal punishment. Several regencies in Aceh have set up local regulations on implementing the sharia law at the regency level. Calls for a review of the law to bring it in accordance with international human rights norms or national constitutional rights have been ignored.
What is the civil society's response regarding the imposition of sharia law in Aceh? Substantially, the general feeling of society in Aceh agrees with the imposition of sharia law because based on the historical background, sharia law is already accepted there. However, they reject the corporal punishment and the restriction against woman in that law. They want more humane punishment.

What is the impact of imposing sharia law on society?
The impact on the society is big. People are scared to violate sharia laws, such as going out at night. The announcement of corporal punishment would create shame, not only for the perpetrator, but also their family, thus resulting in a grudge.

What is the problem in imposing sharia law in Aceh? The problems are some regulations that restricted woman's rights, such as muslim woman having to wear a hijab (the head covering traditionally worn by muslim woman), they also must not wear tight-clothes and cannot go out at night. The corporal punishment also is incompatible with the modern age. The sharia police often misuse their authority, for example in the case of false arrest of the father and her daughter. Under sharia law, an unmarried man and a woman who are together can in the certain circumstances be considered as immoral. In this case, the father and his daughter were arrested because the father picked up her daughter at night and the police assumed that they were an unmarried couple who are together at night.
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Sharia threatens our freedom as we know it

Here is a little background info from wikipedia  on Aceh, Indonesia and how it became a Sharia-compliant Muslim region in 2003:

Islamic rebellion

The life of Sharia women
After the transfer of authority from Dutch Government to Indonesian State in 1949, Aceh was amalgamated with the nearby province of North Sumatra, leading to resentment from many Acehnese due to many ethnic-differences between themselves and the mostly Christian Batak people who dominate North Sumatra. This resentment resulted in a rebellion in 1953, under the banner of Islamic State (Darul Islam), led by Daud Bereueh. Putting down the rebellion took years to complete. In 1959 the Indonesian government yielded in part and gave Aceh a "special territory" (daerah istimewa) status, giving it a greater degree of autonomy from the central government in Jakarta than most other regions of Indonesia have. For example, the regional government is empowered to construct a legal system independent of the national government. In 2003, a form of sharia, or Islamic law, was formally introduced in Aceh.[17]

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