Monday, October 3, 2011

Rat Island, in NYC, Sold To Retired Port Authority Worker

A rock-covered island near City Island in The Bronx was reportedly sold to a former Port Authority worker for $160,000.

'Rat Island' is a 2.5 acre stretch of land in City Island Harbor that was used as a holding place for typhoid victims in the 19th century. It got its name during the time prisoners escaping from nearby Hart Island used it to rest before swimming on to City Island. The escapees were referred to as 'rats,' according to .

Alex Schibli, 71, told the NY Post on Monday the he and his wife spent more than a decade looking at Rat Island from his window on City Island and always felt like it was theirs.

"It's so lovely out here. You wouldn't even believe you were in New York. And there are no rats at all!
"Once I knew it was up for sale, I just had to have it," Schibli said.

Schibli adds that he intends on keeping the island just the way it is-- no people, no homes, no electricity.

Fox News

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