Tuesday, October 4, 2011

U.K. Islamist Group 'Muslims Against Crusades' Asks, 'Is Assassination Of Obama Legal?'

According to today's official White House schedule for President Barack Obama, he will be holding events in Dallas, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri[1].

On its website, the U.K. Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades posted a notice titled "Is the Assassination of Obama Legal?" The notice, which is dated October 3, 2011, features a photo montage of Osama bin Laden, Anwar Al-Awlaki, a masked gunman, and President Obama with what appears to be a bullet wound on his forehead, and includes U.K. phone numbers for "media enquiries" and "general enquiries."

The site http://www.muslimsagainstcrusades.com/ is registered to Dynadot, LLC. Dynadot - located in San Mateo, CA. The company can be reached by email at info@dynadot.com or phone 1-866-262-3399.

http://www.muslimsagainstcrusades.com is hosted on a server in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The following is the text of the notice:

"President Barack Obama is treading on very thin ice. In the space of less than half a year he has proceeded to murder what are probably two of the most influential Muslim men in modern day history: Sheikh Usamah bin Laden (rh) and the U.S. citizen Sheikh Anwar al Awlaki (rh).

"His brazen attacks and cowardly drone strikes have shattered any hope of reconciliation, for he has made it clear: America is out to shoot and kill and is taking no prisoners. No negotiations, no rule of law, no due process – nothing.

"Human rights and justice have lost all relevance in Obama's war, as assassination takes over as his preferred weapon of choice. He has managed to convince the whole world that he is right, that murder, rape and torture can be justified as long as you can be labeled as the enemy. Are his actions to be taken as an example for other U.S. citizens to imitate? In light of this we would like to introduce a new question into the psyche of the West by asking: 'Is the assassination of President Barack Obama now legal?' [emphasis in original] What we mean by this is, if the President of America were to be caught off-guard in Washington or St. Louis, would his death be justified given his new criteria in light of his horrific track record against Islam and Muslims and his own confessions?

"If the answer is no, then we ask, why not? And if the answer is, yes, then we ask how many people would be likely to want to repeat the horrors of 1963[2] against this very evil man?


I may not agree with Obama's vision, but to hear that some Muslim dickheads want to assassinate my President makes my blood boil!

Muslim Dickhead.. (courtesy of iowntheworld)

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