Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why I Will Vote For Herman Cain

Aaron Goldstein has listed nine very good reasons why we should give the GOP presidential nomination to Herman Cain. Here is the abbreviated version:

1. He Has No Sense of Entitlement
Cain wasn’t born into a life of privilege. Yet he bore no resentment because of it. He believed in the American Dream yet understood he had to work hard for it.

2. He Worked at Burger King
Cain was assigned to manage some of the least successful Burger King restaurants in the country and turned them into the most profitable. To do this he improved service and kept customers satisfied. It would be a remarkable if Cain could do for the federal government what he did for Burger King.

3. He Has Never Held Elected Office
I am not suggesting there isn’t any honor in public service. Unfortunately, many elected officials (Democrats and Republicans alike) use their office in service of themselves rather than the people who elect them. Public officials are preoccupied with re-election and such a preoccupation doesn’t lend itself towards innovation because innovation is risky and risk can alienate a public official’s donors.

4. He Is a Mathematician
President Obama tells us that passing his jobs bill is “simple math.” Well, Cain majored in math at Morehouse University. He is in the rare position of being able to tell President Obama, “I am a trained mathematician. I have looked at your numbers and can tell you that they don’t add up.”

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5. He Was a CEO
6. He Is The Adult in the Room
7. He Would Make Liberal Charges of Racism Look Really, Really Stupid
8. The Content of His Character
9. 9-9-9

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