Monday, November 14, 2011

The first ever date in space

Forget the mile-high-club, the 100-kilometer-club is in.

“This will be the very first, first date in space. All I need now is the adventurous, beautiful woman to go up there with me.” Tech Stock Millionaire Bryan Christopher (38) from Ohio has placed his money down for two seats aboard Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two, and is almost set for his date with a difference. He is just absent one element…his date for the occasion.
Gotham Dating Partners Inc. and Virgin Galactic will send one date into space as part of their new promotion.
At $200k a throw, the tickets for the out of this World date is no cheap wine and dine. Bryan explained how he was inspired for the date by watching a video on a flight, where Virgin Boss Richard Branson said he would be taking his own wife Joan Templeman up into space with him. 

Bryan detailed, “Richard described the bonding that goes with undergoing dynamic thrust as the rockets kick in together, experiencing weightlessness, and then that view, seeing our World from sub orbit, taking that in, it would be a truly magnificent thing to share, something that we could tell the grandkids about.”
Dating is one thing, but, will this moneybags Caucasian six-footer, who is seeking takers for his very particular search through be seeking to go beyond pushing their bodies to the limit through taking on 3 g-forces after the Mojave Desert (Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space) launch?
Richard Branson himself claims to have joined the ‘mile high club’ at 19 years-of-age, and his publicity campaign behind the fitting of beds to all Virgin Atlantic aircraft did encourage in a tongue in cheek manner bedroom antics, but what are the logistics of a zero gravity encounter of this nature?Is joining the ‘100 kilometer club’ (The Kármán line where "space" begins) even possible?


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