Friday, November 11, 2011

Islam infiltrating US culture

Press Enterprise Rebecca Carter wore a Muslim headscarf to her Cal State San Bernardino English literature class Tuesday – and noticed several people staring at her. Carter, 22, of Corona, was participating in the Muslim Students’ Association’s “hijab challenge,” in which she and other non-Muslim women donned a headscarf for part of the day.
“I just don’t think people should look at women who wear the hijab (headscarf) any differently,” Carter said. “Everyone is the same.” (No, they are not the same and they wear the headbag to show you they are different/better than other women)
Association members set up a table outside the Starbucks at the Santos Manuel Student Union and passed out colorful headscarves to several dozen women. They will distribute more hijabs today and hold a question-and-answer forum on the hijab on Thursday.
The three days of events help dispel common misconceptions about the hijab by spurring discussion, said Medina Sahak, president of the association. (The only misconception is the one perpetrated by Muslims to hide the fact that the hijab is a form of male subjugation of women)
The group’s table was draped with a big paper sign that said, “What is a hijab? Come find out!”

Sahak, 21, of Fontana, said a leading myth about the hijab is that women are forced to wear it. Islamic teaching requires it, she said (a minority of Muslim scholars say head coverings are not mandatory). But the Quran also says “there is no force in religion,” Sahak said. “Even though it’s an obligation, it’s your choice.” A Horror Saga of Gruesome Islamic Honor Killings of women who acted too ‘western’
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