Monday, November 14, 2011

Shocker: Muslims Angry

Muslim community leaders are openly teaching people how to identify police informants, encouraging them to always talk to a lawyer before speaking with the authorities and reminding people already working with law enforcement that they have the right to change their minds.

The outreach campaign follows an Associated Press investigation that revealed the NYPD had dispatched plainclothes officers to eavesdrop in Muslim communities in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, often without any evidence of wrongdoing. Restaurants serving Muslims were identified and photographed.

Hundreds of mosques were investigated, and dozens were infiltrated. Police used the information to build ethnic databases on daily life inside Muslim neighbourhoods. Many of these programmes were developed with the help of the CIA.

As a result, one of America's largest Muslim communities - in a city that's been attacked twice and targeted more than a dozen times - is caught in a downward spiral of distrust with the nation's largest police department: The New York City Police Department spies on Muslims, which makes them less likely to trust police. 

That reinforces the belief that the community is secretive and insular, a belief that current and former NYPD officials have said was one of the key reasons for spying in the first place.

goodness! I need some eye candy (Jewish girls-- IDF soldiers-- with guns): yummy!

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