Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Israel Strike in Sudan Once Again"

Sudanese news outlets have been reporting for the past 24 hours that a foreign air force bombed a convoy of several pickup trucks. According to the report, the strike took place at the end of November near the Egyptian border. Survivors of the attack made their way back to Sudan for medical treatment. At the same time of this report, another report mentioned that two helicopters, with a ground forces on board, conducted a raid on one of the islands along the Sudanese coast.

It should be noted that Sudanese military officials have denied any such attacks. However, the news reports have specifically indicated Israel as the attacking party. Sudan Media Center was one the reporting news agencies.
This is not the first time mysterious and unknown attacks have been reported in Sudan. Only last April was it reported that two private vehicles occupied by the head of procurement for Hamas were attacked from the air. This report, as well, was never conformed.

Foreign new agencies have attributed both attacks to Israeli forces. Sudan and Sinai are two main transit points Iranian weapon shipments to Gaza.

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