Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Israel's Mona Lisa

Meet Israel’s secret weapon against terrorism, code named “Mona Lisa.”   Not only is Mona Lisa an effective weapon against Arab anti-Israel terrorism and Islamofascism, but she is also one of the most effective weapons in the Israeli arsenal against the guttersnipes screaming about imaginary “Israel Apartheid.”  Let us sit back and watch in amusement as Hitlerjugend from the “Boycott and Divest from Israel” movement and their fellow jihad travelers try to cope with our Mona.
There are two critical things you need to know about this new secret weapon.  The first is that Mona Lisa is the real name of an Israeli woman combat soldier.  At her parents’ suggestion – she writes it as a single word, Monalisa (Nat King Cole did the same!).   The second thing you need to know is that she is an Arab.
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Monalisa isn't the only arab female who is in elite Israeli military units:

from wikipedia: An administrative error recently led to the first-ever female Muslim Israeli-Arab joining 669 as a paramedic. Since the unit is typically involved in sensitive and highly classified operations, soldiers serving in this unit require an extremely high security classification. Consequently, a Muslim had never been permitted to serve the unit. However, this soldier had just graduated from her paramedics' training course with top honors, and was immediately placed with 669. Subsequent investigation later revealed that an administrative error had been made. Yet, due to her exceptional skills, her commanding officer decided to allow her to remain despite the breach of IDF regulations.[5]

[5]^ "First Muslim woman joins Israeli Air Force" (Press release). Middle East Times. 2008-04-11.[dead link]

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