Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marking his territory

SAO PAULO (AP) -- Brazilian police say a suspected drug trafficker is giving crack cocaine addicts free drugs in exchange for tattooing his name on their bodies.

Police in the northeastern state of Bahia said Monday that upward of 70 people in the small town of Itapetinga have tattooed the surname "Freudenthal" on their bodies.

Police have also found corpses of suspected drug addicts with the same tattoo.

Lt. Jose Mello says the name is unique in the town -so they've got one suspect, Mario Freudenthal.

Mello says the suspect must be an "egotistical psychotic" for getting mostly young addicts to tattoo his name on their bodies.

Mello says Freudenthal is wanted for drug trafficking charges, but has not been located.

News from The Associated Press

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