Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Israeli Delegation to Solomon Islands Attracts Large Crowd

Israel must have learned their lesson. In 2009 Iran bribed Solomon Islands to vote against Israel:

Ynet- Iran is bribing friendly countries to Israel to abandon it and vote against the Jewish state in the UN, a report obtained by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem reported.
According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the report said the Iranian foreign minister met with the foreign minister of the Oceania nation Solomon Islands last year and promised him a check in the amount of $200,000, along with technological aid.
So now Israel seems to be on the political offensive:

THE three-man delegation from Israel has attracted a huge crowd during their mission to the Northern tip of Malaita Province on Tuesday reports stated.

Dr Yoel Seigel (Development Specialist), Aaron Weingrod (Industrial Park Designer/planner & Architect) and Yeshahahu Stern (Agriculture Specialist) were dispatched by the Israeli Government through MASHAV [Agency for International Cooperation] and Tag ID [Jewish Agency] to follow up on proposed development centres they will assist in on Malaita. 
This includes the proposed development on Suava Bay, Kadabina in the North, Liwe Industrial Park – South Malaita, and Faumamanu Industrial Park – East Malaita. 
They will support the current National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA) Government execute its policy [Rural Economic Growth Centres] beginning with Malaita Province and then to the rest of the Solomon Islands. 
Malaita Premier, Edwin Suibaea said during their visit to the proposed Suafa bay sea port/Tuna loining, about 600 to 700 people turned up to welcome the delegation. 
Suibaea said after they returned back to Kadabina proposed Industrial Park, nearly a thousand people turned up to welcome them. 
“We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Malaita Chazon Authority and Afoa Tribal Land Trust board to allow work to continue,” he said. 
Mr Suibaea said the good turn out of people indicated they like to see changes on Malaita Province.
“They have been waiting for many years and now they see something starting to start on their land,” he said. 

This is to help create jobs for unemployed Malaitans while Israel Government through Malaita Chazon Authority, Malaita Province and National Government are working on creating economic growth centres at Suava Bay, Kadabina in the North, Liwe Industrial Park – South Malaita, and Faumamanu Industrial Park – East Malaita. 
As part of the process, a delegation including Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga, Minister for Finance Rick Hou, Israeli consular Lilian Firisua and Malaita Premier Edwin Suibae will leave for Israel next month to look at Industrial Parks and at the same time meet with business people as well. 
Premier Suibaea said this was one of way of meeting investors and inviting them to Malaita province this year. 
“We are looking at inviting investors to invest in bottling water,” he said. 
“We plan to promote these products during the Festival of Pacific Arts in July. 
The premier a said they collected the sketch of Suava Bay and sent it to their head office in Israel to make a design of the proposed area for loin factory and international airport.

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