Friday, February 3, 2012

Khamenei vows to help all of Israel's enemies


A fiery anti-Israel speech by Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday, and a successful satellite launch by his country, added to growing global tensions, as Israelwarned it might make a preemptive strive against Iran’s nuclear facilities despite U.S. objections.
“From now onwards, we will support and help any nations, any groups fighting against the Zionist regime across the world and we are not afraid of declaring this,” Khamenei said during a rare Friday prayer lecture at Tehran University.
...Khamenei said Israel has become “weakened and isolated” in the Middle East due to the revolutions--he called them “Islamic awakenings”--that have spread through the region....Iran’s space program is controversial, as Western nations fear the rockets can be used for regional attacks and — if the country were to produce a nuclear weapon — be fitted with a nuclear warhead. Iran had repeatedly stated that its missile program is for defensive purposes only.
Oh really, Khamenei, you think Israel is isolated? Think again...
Israel’s relationships with eastern powers, China, India, Russia, Japan, and South Korea are lucrative and robust. In India, Israel is conducting training for the country’s frontier anti-terror units and increasing sales of weaponry to the Asian power.

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