Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turkey Upset at Europe For Allowing PKK Fundraisers

Europe needs to eliminate asylum given to members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party within European borders to crack down on the terror threat it poses, Turkey says.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told an international counter-terrorism symposium hosted in New York Monday by the U.N. Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force Office that the Kurdish rebel group, known by the initials PKK, is continuing to raise funds and organize in Europe.

Complaining that PKK members take advantage of European asylum laws, Davutoglu said the PKK recruits, disseminates propaganda and sell illegal drugs there to fund terrorist attacks in Turkey, the Anatolian Agency reported.

"International cooperation against terrorism cannot be selective or limited to fighting al-Qaida alone, otherwise, we will fail in our collective effort to eliminate terrorism in all its forms," he said, adding that all countries need to give "the same message, a clear message to terrorists: Namely that there is no safe haven or immunity from criminal justice."

The address came one day before three people were killed and 15 wounded in a bomb attack in Ankara, which public prosecutors described as a terrorist act, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported.

The blast, it said, happened not far from the prime minister's residence and coincided with an upsurge in attacks claimed by the PKK, which in its 30-year war against the Turkish state for Kurdish rights has left more than 40,000 people dead.

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Funny how Edrogan wants to stop PKK fundraisers when his favorite terrorists group, Hamas, fundraises abroad too.

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