Thursday, September 22, 2011

UZI does it again, gets a face lift

The original Uzi designed by Uziel Gal in 1940s has served the IDF and over 90 other countries purchasing the little sub machine gun for their army and law enforcement forces, including the US Secret Service.

It had many updates to its basic design over the decades. The mini Uzi came on the scene in 1980 and was immediately a hit with the police units world wide. The micro Uzi came along in 1986 and is available in sub gun and pistol flavors.

There is a little known known version of the micro Uzi created for Israeli special forces. IDF SF units had Israeli Military Industries (now known as Israeli Weapons Industries) make their version to accept a Glock magazine, fitted with a suppressor, added a picatinny rail on top of the receiver for optics and moved the charging handle to the left side.

The newest version from IWI is very similar to the custom version seen above except that it takes the original Uzi magazine which is interchangeable with all 9mm Uzi variants.

111 tfb 1 tfb IWIs New Stock for the UZI Pro photo

IWI has had great success with the Uzi, Galil, Negev and the newest kid on the block, Tavor rifle. By constantly updating old but true designs and introducing new concepts into the field IWI remains on top of the highly competitive arms market.

The Uzi is here to stay!


  1. Thx, great to be here. I have a few design modifications for IWI, but doubt they'll ever listen.


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